Bariatric Ambulances

E-zec is at the forefront of bariatric patient care. We offer a truly unique, UK-wide bariatric ambulance service, with the facilities to carry patients weighing up to 70 stone (444 kg).

Our specialist crews are trained in the movement of bariatric patients and provide expert support to the Accident and Emergency services, as well as planned hospital visits. We are trusted by both our patients and our customers to offer a service that guarantees safety, dignity and compassion.

E-zec Medical Bariatric Ambulance
Working with our coach-builders we have developed our own specialist bariatric ambulances which have modified interiors, and carry bariatric stretchers and specialised lifting equipment.

All our bariatric vehicles have been specially adapted with heavy duty tail lifts and are equipped with double width trolley stretchers, stair climber, wheelchairs as well as hoists and lifting cushions.

Our bariatric ambulances are designed to carry these patients safely with dignity and in comfort.

KG Capacity

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