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High dependency services

High dependency care for critically ill patients is increasingly forming a core part of our service so we understand your need for these patients to be transferred safely and with the greatest care and attention.

Because high dependency patients are some of the very sickest, our service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and our response times can be as little as 10 minutes. Journeys can be anywhere within the UK and, if required, accompanied by the patient’s clinical team.

Specially trained high dependency teams

We have dedicated high dependency teams who provide enhanced clinical care. Our high dependency ambulances have all the specialist equipment onboard that might be required so patients can be continually monitored and our teams are fully equipped for any situation that may arise. Our ambulance crew is trained in ‘blue light’ emergency driving so they’ll make sure the journey is smooth, controlled and safe.

Neonatal and paediatric transfers

As part of our high dependency service, we offer neonatal and paediatric transport for premature and sick babies and children that ensures a fast but safe transfer between hospitals, when required.  We work with neonatal and paediatric departments to provide an efficient transfer and handover and use ambulances that are specially equipped to transport sick babies and children safely.

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