About Us

Here at E-zec we are very proud of our long history – the company is now in its twentieth year of providing a high quality NEPT service to our NHS trust partners and patients.

The business was started in 1998 by Paul and Derek, with only one vehicle undertaking many journeys working with various insurance companies, repatriating people who had become ill whilst on holiday abroad. Reinvesting all of the profit made back into the business, E-zec soon established a foothold in the Non Emergency Patient Transport Service (NEPTS) which quickly saw the business and workforce grow.

E-zec Medical

Where Are We Now?

Since 1998 we have mobilised and operated 18 NEPT services and currently hold 14 NHS contracts with various CCGs and NHS Trusts across the UK. The services operated range from small acute trusts (conveying up to 30,000 journeys per annum), dedicated high dependency ambulances covering a 24/7 period, to countywide services such as Staffordshire, conveying up to 180,000 journeys per annum for all patients registered within a Staffordshire registered GP.

At present we employ over 1400 road and office personnel, from Ambulance Care Assistants to Paramedics and we are contracted to 11 Clinical Commissioning Groups/NHS Trusts across the UK. In 2016 we mobilised seven NEPT services, from just 6,000 journeys to 180,000 journeys P/A.

We also operate from 30 bases across the UK, and we convey over 1,000,000 journeys per annum. We have also invested a significant amount of money back into reorganising the business and have appointed additional ‘senior’ members to the management team, which ensures we manage the workload and are able to grow the business further.

To ensure we have selected the correct members of senior management teams we have recruited new members outside of the business and others have also been identified from within the organisation.

Our Accreditations/registrations achieved to date include:

  1. CQC (All locations)
  2. Edexcel (Btec level 2), to deliver in-house FPOS accreditation courses for all high dependency transfers
  3. Qualsafe to deliver FAAW courses
  4. ISO 9001
  5. ISO 14001
  6. IG Toolkit
  7. Information Commissioners Office (ICO)
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