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Privacy policy

This Privacy Notice summarises the types of personal information processed by E-zec Medical Transport Service Ltd, where it is processed, under what circumstances and what factors are considered ahead of it being processed.

What does Processing actually mean?

‘Processing’ is a collective term meaning collecting, recording, organising, structuring, storing, adapting (or altering), retrieving, consulting, using, disclosing, disseminating (or otherwise making available), aligning (or combining), restricting, erasing or destroying personal information. The term processing will be referred to frequently within this document.

Who are we?

E-zec Medical Transport is now in its twentieth year of providing a high quality NEPT service to our NHS trust partners and patients

Our name, address and contact details are:

E-zec Medical Transport
Terminal Building
Redhill Aerodrome
Kings Mill Lane

Tel: 01737 822782
Website www.

What types of information is processed?

Personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable individual; an identifiable person is one who can be identified directly or indirectly.

Special category data means any information relating to racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union activities, physical or mental health, sexual life, genetic and biometric data.

What factors determine whether Personal Information is processed?                                            

When considering whether to process personal data E-zec Medical will first consider whether it is lawful to do so, which means E-zec Medical must have a justification that is prescribed by the General Data Protection Regulations. If there is not lawful justification to process then E-zec Medical will not process the personal data.

E-zec Medical will also consider whether the type of processing activity is in line with the relevant Privacy Notice for that type of information and circumstances. Privacy Notices provide a more detailed overview of the processing according to the type of information processed. E-zec Medicals Privacy Notices are available via E-zec Medicals website at:

If there is legal justification to process and the processing is in line with the relevant Privacy Notice, E-zec Medical will then use the principle of ‘no surprises’ which means that if E-zec Medical were to inform an individual what E-zec Medical is doing with their personal data, the individual would not be surprised at the answer. If it is believed that an individual would not be surprised then E-zec Medical would then consider it is reasonable to process the personal data for that or those purposes.

E-zec Medical will also take due account of the Caldicott Principles when processing the personal data of a patient, which is a set of guidelines governing the sharing of patient information. More information on the Caldicott Principles is available here.

Where is information stored and processed?

E-zec Medical has a number of systems, which hold patient information and are used for the day to day transport activity. As these systems primary purpose is to process the safe transport management of patients, they will hold the full range of information. Each contract within E-zec Medical will also have systems and processes set up to manage the operational information within their own department. They may hold personal information if there is a need to do so and may, on occasion, hold sensitive information where there is a need to do so. Sitting behind all of these systems is E-zec Medicals IT infrastructure, which provides the connectivity and structures to support the running of E-zec Medical. Included within the infrastructure are systems and processes to protect E-zec Medical from system failure and also from external threats such as viruses. Some contracts will extract information from E-zec Medicals systems and process it further in preparation for further use, such as the transport booking and control departments. In addition, E-zec Medical maintains an Information Asset Register of all key assets that contain personal and special category data, and Data Flow Mapping of the processing of the data. The lawful basis to hold and process the data is also recorded.

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