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Our team

For our business to be successful it’s vital that it is well led. Our board and executive team, guided by E-zec’s values and principles, are shaping the next phase of our growth and community partnerships. They represent our team, our culture and our purpose.

Leadership team

Craig Smith

Chief Executive

Craig is responsible for setting the overall business strategy which includes empowering others to bring our vision and values to life and championing our ‘commitment to care’. 

Mike Woodall

Chief Operating Officer

Mike is responsible for ensuring our Operational teams consistently deliver service excellence and high levels of performance, by ‘listening, learning and adapting’ to deliver their very best.  

Rob Harvey

Chief Financial Officer

Rob leads the financial, IT and management information teams, ensuring business performance is continually reviewed and that we take ‘pride in service’ to optimise all that we do.

Justine Vaughan

Chief People Officer

Justine is responsible for leading our people strategy and creating an environment where our colleagues recognise our priority to put ‘people first’ and others consider us an employer of choice. 

Wayne Spedding

Relationship Director

Wayne collaborates with our clients to ensure we are consistently meeting their needs and working as ‘one team’, to maximise the benefits they receive from our services.  Wayne is our contact for all new relationship enquiries.

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