June the 1st saw E-zec go live for the HDU service at University Hospitals of North Midlands Staffordshire.

The service is to convey some of the sickest people (ill stable 7 ill-unstable) in and around Staffordshire to their retrospective hospitals. The service went live on the stroke of midnight, working alongside the incumbent provider ‘West Midlands Ambulance Service’ to ensure patients were unaffected during the transfer.

The service is currently undergoing a rota revamp, and recruitment for Paramedics and HDU personnel is well underway to fill some gaps where staff did not transfer.

Lots of faces from the past re-joined the team which was nice to see, all with new uniforms and vehicles, many commenting on how much E-zec has changed since 2006.

A senior Trust member commented in first operational meeting that they were extremely pleased with the professionalism of the transfer and the E-zec team.