Since E-zec took over the service at the beginning of March 2016 E-zec teams have been working towards service improvements for patients and our NHS trust partners in Hereford County Hospital and across the Wye Valley NHS Trust. There has been a significant amount of change that has already been implemented which includes:

• On-line bookings and book ready
• PDA devices on all vehicles
• Dedicated enquiry and booking team
• Dedicated manager
• Rota changes to meet the demand profile
• Complete compliance review
• Additional and replacement vehicles to meet demand and patient mobility

Innovations and improvements will continue to be applied to the service which will further enhance patient care and trust partnership working.

Tracey Hill Service Delivery Manager for Integrated Urgent Care commented on the new service –

Hi Wayne

Following our meeting today, would you please feedback to the staff that the difference in service since E-zec took over has been vastly noticeable

Prior to E-zec I would expect to have multiple escalations and emails and incident reports a day about:-

• Lack of clarity regarding available service
• Chasing for service availability updates
• Bookings not being taken
• Staff reporting they couldn’t get through to the booking desk
• Staff reporting calls taking 20 minutes hanging on the phone to get through to the call centre
• No guarantee of bookings
• High level of private transport use
• Datix incidents that I had to investigate
• Escalations from the governance team regarding the amount of complaints

Since the takeover by E-zec my world has been transformed with:-

• 1 escalation that was responded to and fixed within days and new equipment sourced
• Zero Datix
• Zero escalation calls

Please give the staff a huge thank you and I can assure the E-zec staff their hard work is being felt operationally and much appreciated

Kind regards