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With the recent contract award of Ipswich, Suffolk, and Great Yarmouth and Waveney, the E-zec mobilisation team are working extremely hard to ensure a successful go-live on the 1st of April 2018.

This has been a tough mobilisation working with the incumbent provider as information has not exactly been forthcoming, due to their lack of willingness to make the transition work.

However, to ensure this does not affect a successful mobilisation, we have already recruited 40 road personnel (full time and bank), with further recruitment being completed in the coming weeks. Additional staff will also be supporting from other areas in the UK.

Vehicles are now starting to be delivered, the process of them being kitted out with equipment can now begin. Bases are being re-designed with offices, crew rooms and make ready areas for vehicles. Staff training for new recruits is well underway and bases are being equipped with machinery and equipment to make them compliant with Health & Safety and CQC regulation. Base Inspections by the CQC are booked and will be taking place in the coming weeks to allow full CQC registration.

Call operatives are already taking phone calls from patients, applying eligibility screening as required. Management, liaison officers and supervisors are also being assessed, with training programmes scheduled to take place prior to and post go-live.