It has been a tough time here at E-zec over the past couple of months, but the team have managed to successfully pull together and mobilise the service.

Day one was exceptionally difficult, as the team experienced telecoms issues when call volumes were considerably higher than expected, along with IT systems experiencing issues of their own. We had planned for call volumes being higher on day one, with additional call takers and enquiry teams to support, however capacity was still stretched.

The incumbent service retained the majority of the transferring staff and notified us with very short notice (days) before the go-live date. Bank staff and sub-contractors from other areas were drafted in to support and the recruitment process was re-engaged. Journey volumes across Suffolk were significantly more than expected and unfortunately the additional support only soaked up the over activity, leaving little extra resource to support general go-live issues.

Staff not transferring included, Supervisors, PTLOs, control/planning staff and two managers, to add to the difficulties two control staff walked out on day one leaving only one supervisor, two control/planners and senior E-zec staff to hold the service together. A new structure was very quickly put in place and internal adverts circulated for new and existing staff to put their names forward for new roles. Within the first two weeks, the control room was fully resourced and running effectively.

Great Yarmouth and Waveney KPIs are already on target which is extremely encouraging. Suffolk and Ipswich are improving week by week and once additional funding has been allocated to support the over-activity the service will see a significant increase to meet the required standards.

New and transferring staff quickly engaged in the service, and were keen to support during this difficult period, which was very encouraging. Also, staff mentioned how nice it was to see positive comments thanking them and encouraging them to put their names down for new opportunities.

We would like to thank all of the staff for their support in mobilising this service; with many putting their names down for career progression and new opportunities, showing their commitment to be involved in the development of the service.