The months have flown by and we almost can’t believe how close we are to the end of the year. We have received some wonderful nominations over the past 4 months and it’s always so tricky to pick just one winner. July was so hard to choose, we had to pick two worthy winners!

Below are our fantastic winners for June, July, August and September. These winners truly encompass our E-zec values – Compassionate Care, Achieving Excellence and Collaborative Teamwork.

June – Jo Holmes (BGSW)

Jo (above) is the supervisor in our Gloucester base and she has shown her amazing Collaborative Teamwork throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Gloucester base was chosen as our central delivery location for all PPE deliveries, due to the size and location it was best suited for distribution. From the first deliveries of items, Jo has been extremely helpful and co-ordinated all the deliveries. She has taken time out of her day to help unpack all the stock and sort it out ready for distribution across the business. As well as this, Jo has been instrumental in supporting our two drivers who are distributing the PPE. She has welcomed them to Gloucester and helped them to load their vehicles. Without Jo’s support, the task of organising PPE would have been so much more difficult!

July – Matthew Frampton (Dorset)

Matthew is a Patient Transport Liaison Officer and received an excellent nomination from a member of staff at the hospital he is based in.

Matthew has recently started a new role and has built great relationships with the team at the hospital. He is dynamic and forward thinking and strives to support the discharge lounge team to improve the service to benefit the patients, E-zec and the hospital. He is a great team player and communicates well to escalate concerns or give praise when it is due, he ensures the crews are given up to date and relevant information.

July – Mark Wall (Dorset)

Mark is also a Patient Transport Liaison Officer; he received an outstanding nomination from a staff member at the hospital.

Mark was praised for his friendly, approachable personality and his can-do attitude. His nomination was for his excellent contribution to the team and when dealing with difficult discharges. Mark acted exceptionally in a difficult situation with a patient discharge. He worked tirelessly to ensure an end-of-life patients wishes were adhered to and ensured he was able to travel home. He guaranteed the equipment and crew were available and offered to help to move the patient himself.

August – George Haldenby (Suffolk)

George received 3 nominations from his colleagues in Suffolk in August for his endless willing to help in tricky situations. He goes above and beyond to help the business and patients; he recently went out to assist a crew stranded on the M25 knowing this would make him late finishing his shift. He known for being an excellent team member and the go-to for any help, especially with difficult journeys.

September – Emily Flook (BGSW)

Emily received a nomination from her line manager. She is one of the newest members of the team in the Control Room but has taken to her new role so well. She has taken the lead on running the Somerset desk which has been exceptionally challenging during the COVID-19 period. Emily keeps calm under pressure and has demonstrated passion in doing everything she can to be as efficient as possible. She has shown determination, hard work and bravery in a challenging role.