Overall rating for E-zec Medical- Norfolk Good.

E-zec is delighted to announce the outcome of our latest CQC inspection.

The inspection covered E-zec’s Great Yarmouth, Suffolk, Ipswich and Essex contracts, and details the judgement of quality of care at these locations.

The inspection was based on a combination of what inspectors found during the inspection and information available to them, including feedback from people who use the service, the public and other NHS organisations.

This is E-zec’s first rated inspection and we are proud to have received a good in all 5 areas outlined below.

Overview of inspector’s findings:

The service provided mandatory training in key skills, including safeguarding, to all substantive staff and made sure everyone completed it. Infection control risks were manged well, and there was a cleaning schedule for all vehicles. Equipment and premises were suitable for needs.

Strong local leadership was visible and approachable. The corporate team were responsive to concerns raised and supported staff locally. Staff were supported and felt valued and performance and quality was monitored.

Staff were sensitive and supportive to people who used the service. Some patients regularly used the service and where possible the same crews were used to complete these journeys. This enabled staff to form relationships with the patients and improved trust in the service.

Staff understood and respected the personal, cultural, social and religious needs of people and how these may relate to care needs. Where possible these were taken into consideration when planning and completing patient transfers. For example, times of transfers were adjusted if possible to suit the patients’ needs.

Service adjustments are made where patient’s risk is identified, to meet any needs, this included the transportation of patients with limited mobility and children and young people. Staff kept accurate records of treatments. There was adequate staffing to meet demands on the service. Incidents were investigated and any learning shared across the wider team.

Staff understood the impact that a person’s care, treatment or condition had on their wellbeing and on those close to them. We were given examples of when ambulance crews acknowledged that they may be the only person to have contact with the patient, or that they may be attending appointments that they were worried about. Staff told us that they endeavoured to be friendly, and jovial to ensure that patients were either distracted or felt that they could speak to staff about their concerns.

Wayne Spedding Nominated individual for E-zec commented on the inspection.

I’ve been working in this industry for over 20 years and welcomed the changes that the Care Quality Commission brings to the ambulance sector. Like many, we’ve been through a steep learning curve with the changes that need to be in place. Also, not only do we need to ensure our service is safe, there is also a need to have in place audit trails to prove everything we do. As a company, we have undergone many inspections, and every time we learn something new, something we need to do differently which changes the service for the better. We still have a long way to go to achieve an outstanding and there is still work to do to better our services, but we will work tirelessly to achieve it.

I’d like to thank the wider compliance teams across the business and operational teams for working alongside me to achieve the ‘GOOD’ rating. I’d also like to thank the local team for their ongoing and continued support to patient care, something that the senior team are very passionate about.