We want to share with you more about what we are doing to help patients and our employees during the COVID19 pandemic.

Our employees are working especially hard to help and support our patients but especially those who are most at risk and most vulnerable.

Our employees have shown great courage and dedication to maintain our service to patients and will continue to do so until we get through this challenging and frightening time. They have a critical role to play in the coming weeks to deliver exceptional care and service to all that need to use our services.

We have support in place for our employees to assist them with their wellbeing at work and home, if they need to self-isolate.

E-zec has been in contact with our partners to offer help and support should more be required of us to help vulnerable and at risk members of the wider society.

We are incredibly proud that our colleagues are giving their time and energy to those most in need in this crisis by standing shoulder to shoulder with our NHS partners.