Employee of the Month – October, November and December

2020 is over and what a year it’s been! It’s been a pleasure to read all of the nominations we have received every month and we are so proud when we hear all of the amazing work going on across the business. Below are our winners for the final quarter of 2020 and we can’t wait to hear of the crew’s great achievements in 2021.


Elaine Stone – Great Yarmouth

Elaine in our contract manager in Great Yarmouth and she has recently had 3 members of her team who have very sadly have been diagnosed with cancer. Elaine has gone above and beyond to support her colleagues to attend hospital appointments, keep in touch outside of work hours to check on them and running raffles to help support them financially during this difficult time. I’m sure you can agree, she has offered excellent compassionate care for her colleagues.


In November, we have received so many excellent nominations, it was impossible to pick just one winner. Our Ambulance teams have once again shown such professionalism when out working in the community. They have gone above and beyond in utilising their training to support the hospital team in such difficult situations. We are extremely proud all of their hard work.

Kelly Cranton and Andrew Kucharik – Staffordshire

Kelly and Andrew have demonstrated our values, compassionate care, achieving excellence and collaborative team work whilst attending an incident at The Royal Stoke University Hospital. Both acted without hesitation whilst performing CPR to the patient who was found in a lift at RSUH. They provided first aid to the patient for over 45 minutes whilst waiting for the hospital emergency cardiac team to arrive. They worked tirelessly throughout the incident under immense pressures, maintaining a professional and calm approach.

David French, Lauren Gregory, Harrison Langman and Andrew Prosser – BGSW

David, Lauren, Harrison and Andrew were waiting to collect patients in the Renal Dialysis Unit at Bath Hospital. David noticed something was not quite right as nursing staff were running around and frantically trying to help a patient who was slumped over on a dialysis bed. The nurses had started CPR on the patient but were quickly becoming very tired. David and the rest of the E-zec team offered to help to continue CPR which was gratefully received by the nurses. The four worked frantically to save the patient until the paramedics and HEMS crew arrived and took over. They have been commended by the HEMS Doctor for their excellent training in dealing with such a stressful situation.


Kimberley Brewster and Alana Bacon – Essex

Kimberley and Alana both stopped to assist an elderly member of the public who had fallen off her mobility scooter and into the road, directly in front of traffic. They called for an ambulance to assist the lady and with over a 5 hour wait, they got the lady up from the road and after assessing her injuries they were able to get her into the warmth of the vehicle to wait safely. Kimberley and Alana then got in touch with her family and informed them of the incident and were able to wait with her until her family were able to collect her and take her home.