Our IT infrastructure is both cutting edge and robust in order to support the delivery of all our services.

All Non Emergency Patient Transport Services (NEPTS) operate the complete journey booking application, applying eligibility screening criteria, journey scheduling and planning.

The system streamlines patient journey bookings through integrated postcode addressing, rapid patient data recall and real-time planning and scheduling features.

Full on-line access for healthcare professionals is also available to book and amend journeys, enabling control and planning teams to immediately allocate a vehicle to the journey. The system has been successfully implemented across our entire business and is flexible and simple to configure, for both new and existing contracts.


The following reports are available as standard within the operating system:

  • Activity data by mobility
  • Activity data graph by mobility
  • Activity by time of day
  • Journey mobility by journey date
  • Aborts by day/month
  • Mileage band report
  • Pre-planned discharge KPI results for month
  • On the day discharge KPI results for month
  • Time on vehicle KPI results for month
  • On-the-day booking by ward

Bespoke reports can also be made accessible.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

We also operate the latest in ‘real-time’ GPS vehicle tracking software. The system enables our control teams to ensure that they are maximising vehicle productivity and efficiencies.

A full suite of reports is available from the system which includes:

  • View current position and status of driver and vehicles
  • Accurate journey histories
  • Easily identify the nearest vehicle to a location
  • Real-time traffic updates
  • Monitor excessive speeding
  • Record out of hours/unauthorised vehicle use
  • Geofencing allowing management of territories
  • Alerts – customised and sent by email or text message
  • Reports – tailored and emailed to your inbox

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