Environmental Strategy

As a major fleet operator with over 550 vehicles on the road we understand how important it is to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

As a company, we do all we can to reduce our carbon footprint using a range of methods.

All our vehicles are supplied with Euro 5 compliant engines which provide lower fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and a smoother running vehicle with reduced noise pollution.

We have introduced improved dispatch methods to reduce overall on-the-road time as well as reducing ambulance engine idle times to cut carbon emissions.

Environmental Strategy
Our company only sources ambulance cleaning materials from a recognised carbon neutral manufacturer. They supply to us:

  1. In bulk
  2. In highly concentrated form
  3. In re-usable containers
We also ensure the way we dispose of waste is also environmentally friendly.

Our staff are also encouraged to switch their computers off, whenever they are not in use to ensure trying to reduce our carbon footprint is a priority for both on the road and office based staff.

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